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Best Summer Ever!

Summer Camp

June 20 to July 29 

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Your kids will have an unforgettable summer: A fun & learning experience at Fairmont Summer Camp! Let your kids learn, explore, & develop their abilities while they play!  Our program is specially designed for children between the ages of Toddler, Preschool & Kindergarten.




Toddlers learning about music and rythm.
We teach young children in Fresno.jpeg
Making confetti helps children to develo
Learning about science concepts like ela


How We Organize Ourselves: Home, School and Beyond

This summer we will inquire into how communities work and function through shared rules, systems, and routines. We will study our home community, school community, and other communities we belong to. 

We have so many fun activities planned! Throughout our summer program, students will explore art, music, drama, cooking, phonics, math, social studies and science! 

Topics we will investigate:

  • What is a community?

  • How many communities do we belong to?

  • How do systems, rules and routines help our communities?

  • How do systems rules and routines connect a community?

Tuition & Schedules