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Great Activities in the Fairmont Classro

Our Program

At Fairmont, we learn how to learn.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced and focuses on the whole child through academics, social-emotional growth, character development, and promoting global mindedness. 
The learning experiences allow the children to lead the learning through inquiry, creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, knowledge, values, caring for others, and reflecting on their own learning experiences.  All learning experiences nurture the development of independence and promote diverse cultural values and acceptance.

Our Curriculum


Toddler children having fun at the class

We know that children learn best at this age by doing. They are explorers actively interested in learning about the world around them and constructing new understanding through experimentation and play.  We support this by providing classrooms with engaging learning environments.


Preschool one girl playing in one of Fai

The preschool years are also a time of tremendous social growth; therefore, much attention is paid to the development of positive social skills. Many activities are designed to encourage social interactions and cooperative play. Caring adults are nearby to help children learn how to get a turn or how to resolve conflicts.



Transitional Kindergarten is a wonderful stepping-stone before moving on to kindergarten. It invites the children to participate in concrete experiences that help them learn and enables the children to comfortably develop their readiness skills at their own pace



The learning environment of Fairmont Kindergarten invites the children to participate in concrete experiences that help them learn concepts and develop academic skills while encouraging curiosity and exploration. Our program offers a balance of cognitive work and creative play.


Enrichment Programs

Our Philosophy

​Fairmont believes in building a working partnership among our school community of teachers, students and families.  We provide high quality early education programs that are focused on the whole child. We are committed to providing a curriculum that is engaging, challenging, meaningful and encourages students to become caring, internationally minded thinkers and inquirers who ask questions and seek answers.  We are committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive group of students that take action to create a better, more peaceful world.


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