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Preschool Program

We learn it, we can do it!

We foster creativity and exploration

of children Children turning 2 ½ - 3 years old and potty trained by September 1st

  • Fairmont Private School of Fresno is a unique program, which enables children to have the “gift of time.” 

  • It is designed to fit children’s individual needs and to help them develop their readiness skills at their own level. ​

  • The children are introduced to a variety of multisensory experiences throughout their day to build and reinforce literacy concepts.

  • Lessons give children time to play with real objects and test their ideas so that math becomes real and meaningful. 

  • A basic awareness of the world around us is incorporated into the preschool program 

  • As “good thinkers” the children’s positive behavior and attitude will be praised.

  • Our class sizes are small to ensure each child receives individual attention and guidance

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Fairmont Private School of Fresno provides the foundation for school success through child-centered experiences

Readiness and Writing / Language Arts and Literacy 

Fairmont utilizes the Get Set for School Curriculum. The program focuses on:

  • Pre-writing, motor, and cognitive skills

  • Phonological awareness

  • Alphabet knowledge and print awareness

  • Oral language and vocabulary skills

  • Pre-reading skills


Our numbers and math program uses manipulatives, music, and rhymes to provide a strong math foundation. 

Children are introduced to the following math concepts:

  • Number and operations

  • Measurement and time

  • Geometry and spatial relationships

  • Problem-solving

Child Development

Our program promotes a culture of learning by creating a strongly interactive, enjoyable, and stimulating learning environment using developmentally appropriate practices that allow children to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

At Fairmont Private School of Fresno, we nurture a healthy sense of self-worth, foster the development of skills in all developmental domains, encourage the development of independence, and promote diverse cultural values and acceptance. That's why we focus on child development in these areas:


Social &


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Fairmont teachers will guide your child through activities that build positive character traits, like responsibility, leadership, empathy, and  healthy relationships.


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We encourage and talk with the children about peer relationships, sharing, problem solving, cooperating with one another, and staying with a task from start to finish.

Social &



Making connections between letters, words, and sounds are strengthened through individual and small-group activities in creative dramatics, play and reading circles.

Language &

Language &

Preschool activities not only teach youn

Fairmont teachers will guide your child through activities to evelop strength, coordination, and fitness.

Fine & Gross 
Motor Skills

Fine & Gross 

Motor Skills

Preschool Gallery

Tuition & Rates

We offer different schedules and days to provide flexibility for our parents.
Check out our  Tuition & Rates for the
2023 - 2024 School Year


Visit Our Preschool Classroom!

We know how important your child's first educational experience is, that's why we want to answer all of your questions!

At Fairmont Private School of Fresno, we foster the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of each individual child. You can schedule a tour to visit our facilities and learn more about our program!

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