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Fairmont Private School of Fresno


Application Process

Fairmont Private School of Fresno maintains a rolling waiting list for those families interested in enrolling their child in the school. New families can be added to our contact list at any time by filling out the application form.

First you have to create a parent account in Brightwheel.

Create a Brightwheel parent account

Step 1

Once you've logged into your Brightwheel parent account you'll find the application form, by revisiting the same link, or by clicking the tab manage applications.

Fill the Application Form

Step 2

You'll receive the payment invoice through  Brightwheel.

All payments will be made through Brightwheel, and will automatically be set to autopay

Submit Tuition Payment

Step 3

You'll receive the New Student Enrollment Packet though Brightwheel, which includes all required forms that will need to be completed before your start date.

Fill Out Forms & Send More Information

Step 4


Tuition & Schedules

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 

Preschool - TK - Kindergarten

Half Day: 8:30 - 12:00
Full Day: 8:30 - 3:30
M - F
M, W, F
Tue & Thur


(Lunch Hour Included 11:30-12:00)
Half Day: 8:30 - 12:00
Full Day: 8:30 - 3:30
M - F
M, W, F
Tue & Thu

Additional Services

Lunch Hour for 1/2 Day Students: PS, TK, K
12:00 - 1:00pm
Afterschool Kinder Children not attending AM Kinder/Bus Pick Up
1:00 - 4:00pm


Toddler children having fun at the class
Preschool one girl playing in one of Fai

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