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20th of February 2018 02:29 PM Link
Our Afternoon Enrichment students are getting all pumped up for bike safety and our annual Trike-A-Thon this Friday!
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20th of February 2018 10:08 AM Link
This week’s Staff Star of the Week is Mrs. Jessica Armstrong! Jessica has been at Fairmont for 6 years! In the past, Jessica has been extremely involved as a teacher in our Preschool program and has taken on a position with our Kindergarten this year! Jessica is married to Craig and has three children, Elanor, Asher and Izzy! They are a very active family with music, hockey, cheerleading, and so many more things!
We are so happy that Jessica is a part of our Fairmont family!
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15th of February 2018 06:10 AM Link
So proud of our former student, Andrew, who saved his classmates life yesterday at school. Way to go, Andrew!
14th of February 2018 01:18 PM Link
Happy Valentines Day from all of the sweeties at Fairmont Private School! #valentinesdayatfairmont
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13th of February 2018 04:50 PM Link
In honor of upcoming Valentines Day, we want to show some love to all of the parents out there that are blessed to love children with special needs. We love this piece written by a mother of a son with Down Syndrome.
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13th of February 2018 09:41 AM Link
This week's Staff Star of the Week is Mrs. Susie Byrd! Susie is currently our Transitional Kindergarten 2 Lead Teacher and has been at Fairmont for 22 years! Susie is married to Roger and has one son, Adam. She enjoys gardening and has been a large contributor to keeping our Fairmont garden in shape!
We are so glad that Susie is a part of our Fairmont family!
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9th of February 2018 03:22 PM Link
9th of February 2018 01:55 PM Link
It's February and it's already 73 degrees and sunny here at Fairmont!
You know what that means... Time for our Spring t-shirt order!
All orders are placed on-line and will be delivered to the Fairmont Main Office in March. The on-line order form closes at the end of this month.

8th of February 2018 10:38 AM Link
Our Brave Bears are putting their Valentine’s in the mail!! Parents, keep an eye on your mailbox!
7th of February 2018 10:27 AM Link
Summer Camp Registration opens TODAY!!
SHARE this video to be entered into a drawing for a Starbucks gift card!!
Winner will be announced on Feb 28th!
6th of February 2018 12:51 PM Link
Love it when our former students remember their Fairmont days!!
Check out Donovan Mitchell, #2 on the Wake Forest University Basketball Team recognizing his Fairmont teacher, Mrs. Janell Christensen!!
5th of February 2018 12:15 PM Link
Thank you, Audrey and family, for the beautiful Anniversary flowers!
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5th of February 2018 11:08 AM Link
Loving our birthday celebrations today!!
5th of February 2018 07:00 AM Link
Happy 44th Birthday, Fairmont!!!!
2nd of February 2018 01:40 PM Link
Happy Groundhog Day!!
31st of January 2018 01:47 PM
This Sunday, February 4th, Fairmont turns 44 years old!
It's hard to believe how far we've come from those two classrooms in 1974.
In honor of our anniversary, we want to hear from the people who have made our progress possible: Comment below about your experiences at Fairmont:

What made you decide to attend Fairmont?
What was/is your favorite thing about our school?
What sets us apart from the rest?
Is there a specific positive experience/memory that stands out in your mind?

We are so thankful for all of our Fairmont families!!
31st of January 2018 11:53 AM Link
Learning learning learning on this wonderful Wednesday!
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29th of January 2018 01:33 PM Link
29th of January 2018 08:17 AM Link
This week’s Staff Star of the Week is Mrs. Cheryl Bakholdin. Cheryl is currently our Transitional Kindergarten 1 Lead Teacher and has been with us at Fairmont for over 5 years. Cheryl is married to Dave and has two daughters, Ella (5th grade) and Anya (3rd grade). Cheryl’s husband Dave is also in education and was Fresno County Educator of the year last year! Cheryl’s students adore her and love how she makes learning fun!
We are so grateful to have Cheryl as a part of our Fairmont family!
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26th of January 2018 01:09 PM Link
Trying to keep our little ones healthy this season!!

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