What is your philosophy?

    We are committed to a developmental approach that focuses on the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of each individual child, preschool through first grade. Our teachers understand:
    • Learning is an active, not a passive experience.
    • No one method will accommodate all children.
    • A healthy self concept is crucial to the child’s overall development.
    • Children are naturally curious about their environment.
    • Age appropriate activities foster the child’s intellect.
    • Children learn to solve their own problems through social interactions.
    • Learning is a process.
    • The partnership between family and school is the foundation for your child’s success.
    • Each child has individual differences that we embrace and celebrate.

    How do you assess the children?

    Student progress is evaluated through developmental assessments, student portfolios, and parent-teacher conferences. We also encourage parents to meet with us regularly to discuss their child’s progress and concerns.

    How do you challenge the advanced child within the classroom?

    Each classroom involves the children in small group experiences. Within the small group teachers are able to identify learning styles and abilities. Within the small group learning centers teachers can challenge each child according to their ability.

    How is your school different from other local private schools?

    Fairmont is unique in the following ways:
    1. Fairmont has been a leader and a pioneer in early childhood education since 1974.
    2. Fairmont is a Fresno family tradition. We now have 2nd and 3rd generations attending our
    3. Our teachers are trained in developmental approaches in education.
    4. Our campus sits on one acre of green lawns with shade trees and space for children to

    How do you handle discipline?

    Discipline problems are always handled with respect. Children are taught to be responsible for their own actions. Each teacher has developed a list of routines and procedures for their classroom. We have found that when expectations are clear and consistent, behavior problems are minimal.

    How long has Fairmont Private School been in business?

    Fairmont opened its doors in 1974.

    Do the preschool children go on field trips?

    Preschool children do not go on field trips. Field trips are only scheduled for Kindergarten and First grade. For the younger children we arrange educational assemblies to come to the school.

    Do you do background and fingerprint checks on your staff?

    The State of California requires all Childcare personnel to have a background check and finger prints. Each of our staff receives a clearance before they are hired.

    What is the teacher to student ratio?

    The teacher to student ratio is 1-8.

    What are the qualifications of your teachers?

    Our teachers are hired according to their experience, education, and their love for teaching. Our teachers have an assortment of backgrounds. Some have teaching credentials, child development degrees, and certificates.

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