Spanish, Art, and Music

    Spanish Program

    Kids in Spanish class at Fairmont Private SchoolThe children are taught Spanish using the skills based program, Santillana Descubre Espanol. The program teaches the children to communicate through listening, mimic the teacher, games, songs, dialogues, and writing activities. The program introduces the children to Spanish culture and customs through traditional dances, foods, and a variety of activities. The children are given opportunities to showcase their comprehension of the language through performances throughout the year.

    Art Program

    Fairmont Private School art programArt is a time for growth, discovery and enjoyment. Through the art program, children are given opportunities to solve problems and to make decisions. The children attend weekly art lessons with our art teacher. Through Art Class, the children are exposed to art history, aesthetics, art criticism, and art making. Art is also incorporated daily throughout the classroom.

    Music Program

    FM Spanish ClassThe children attend weekly music sessions with our Music Teacher. The program promotes music elements and creative expression. The children are given opportunities to participate in mini-classroom performances, the Christmas program, the Spring performance, and our traditional Graduation performance.

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