Fairmont Private School Staff

Bill and Maxine Smith - Owners/Founders
Bill and Maxine are the original founders and owners of Fairmont Private School of Fresno. In 1974 they decided to offer Fresno a quality pre school program. They designed and built the facility specifically for pre school education. The original facility began with two classrooms and a staff of three.
Kathy Towle - Owner/Director
Kathy is currently the Director of Fairmont Private School. She graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies. She has a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and a Special Education Credential. Kathy joined the Fairmont Staff in 1988. She has over twenty five years of teaching and administrative experience in public and private education. Contact Information: ktowle@fairmontprivateschool.com
Janna Myers - Assistant Director
Janna joined our staff in 2007. She graduated from CSUF with a B.S. degree in Child Development and a minor in Communicative Disorders. Janna has assisted and taught all grade levels at Fairmont. Currently, she is our Assistant Director. Contact Information: jmyers@fairmontprivateschool.com
Lauren Gulley - Liaison Manager
Lauren joined our staff in 2016. She graduated from CSUF with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Single Subject Teaching Credential. She taught High School English and was the Campus Culture Director for Fresno Unified. Lauren is currently our Liaison Manager providing support and resources for our parents, students, and staff.
Stephanie Fenton - Toddler 1 Teacher
Stephanie joined our staff in 1999. She received her Associate of Science Degree in Child Development. Stephanie has worked with all grade levels throughout her career at Fairmont. Stephanie is currently our Toddler 1 Teacher.
Gabby Gragnani - Toddler 2 Teacher
Gabby Gragnani is currently our Toddler 2 Teacher. She has been at Fairmont since 2015. Gabby received her AS in Child Development from Fresno City College and also has a Sign Language Interpreting Certificate. Gabby has been working with children for over a decade, specifically with children that have special needs.
Amber Dauer - Toddler 3 Teacher
Amber joined our staff in 2015. She graduated from CSUF with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Child Development. Amber is currently our Toddler 3 Teacher and she aslo has a minor in Psychology from National University.
Jessie Walse - Brave Bears Teacher
Jessie joined our staff in 2014. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Liberal Arts and Science. She has completed course-work in Child Development Studies. She also has a minor in Spanish.
Tami Forney - Preschool 1 Teacher
Tami joined our staff in 1987 (yes, you read that right). She attended FCC where she studied Early Childhood Education. She has worked with every age group at Fairmont and is currently our Preschool 1 Lead Teacher.
Amy Dolan - Preschool 2 Teacher
Amy joined our staff in 2010. She graduated from CSUF with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Child Development. Amy is currently our Preschool 2 Teacher.
Cheryl Bakholdin - Transitional Kindergarten 1 Teacher
Cheryl attended CSUF and graduated with a degree in Mass Communications. She completed her credential course work at National University. She began her career at Fairmont in 2012. Cheryl is currently our Transitional K1 Teacher. Contact information: cbakholdin@fairmontprivateschool.com
Susie Byrd - Transitional Kindergarten 2 Teacher
Susie joined our staff in 1996. She attended California State University, Fresno as an undergraduate student. Her field of study included child development. Susie has taught all levels at Fairmont. Currently Susie teaches our Transitional Kindergarten Class. Contact Information: sbyrd@fairmontprivateschool.com
Janell Christensen - Kindergarten Teacher
Janell Christensen: Janell graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies. She earned her Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential from National University. Throughout Janell's college career she worked as a teacher's assistant at Fairmont. Janell joined our staff in September of 1999. Janell is currently our Kindergarten Teacher. Contact Information: jchristensen@fairmontprivateschool.com
Jessica Armstrong - Kindergarten Teacher
Jessica joined our staff in February, 2011. She attended California State University, Hayward where she earned her B.A. degree in Liberal Studies and her Multiple Subjects credential. Jessica's teaching experience includes kindergarten and preschool. She is currently teaching Kindergarten. Contact information: jarmstrong@fairmontprivateschool.com
Eric Mendoza - PM Kindergarten Teacher
Eric joined our staff in 2015. He is currently in the Child Development Cohort Program at Fresno Pacific. Eric is our PM Kindergarten and Science Teacher. Eric also is our After School Coordinator for Kindergarten and First Grade students.

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