History of Fairmont Private School

    Providing Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade to Fresno and Clovis since since 1974

    Start of construction of Fairmont Private School in FresnoWhen Bill and Maxine Smith opened the doors of Fairmont Private School of Fresno in 1974 with 1 classroom, six children, and Maxine as the teacher, only they would have had the courage to dream that within 40 years it would become a unique private school respected throughout Fresno County. Currently, Fairmont has over 200 students, a staff of 32, 9 classrooms and approximately 1 acre of playground space. The Fairmont campus, still located at 435 W. Fairmont Avenue in Fresno, was among the first in California to be designed and constructed specifically for a half-day preschool program. With hard work and dedication, Fairmont became an exclusive private school specializing in early childhood education.

    Fairmont Private School of Fresno Today

    Fairmont Private School in 1976Today, Fresno, California private school, Fairmont provides superior educational opportunities to children preschool through first grade. Within a caring and supportive environment, Fairmont fosters the development of the “whole child” through social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Fairmont Private School encourages students to pursue excellence in their lives and to play positive roles in their families and communities.

    Fairmont Private School Ownership

    Kathy Towle, the daughter of Bill and Maxine Smith, continues Fairmont’s mission of providing quality education. Kathy is currently Director of Fairmont. Her background includes over twenty-five years of teaching and administrative experience. She earned her BA degree in Liberal Studies and credentials in Elementary and Special Education from CSUF. The Family, working together with a dedicated staff, continues to offer Fresno educational excellence and to guide children toward lifelong learning practices.

    A Family Built on Tradition

    Having been providing a top-notch private school education to the children of Fresno, Clovis, and Madera since 1974, events and relationships over the years have become traditions. There are several local families that have had three generations of family members come through our doors. In those cases, and in many others, Fairmont Private School has become a tradition.

    We have heard stories over the years of one-time students of Fairmont Private School rekindling friendships and relationships as adults. The main theme in their childhood is there experience at Fairmont. It is not anything we have planned but rather something that has developed on its own.
    As we have become aware of this over the years, we have taken an active approach to creating an environment where Fairmont Private School is a family built on tradition.

    We hope we have conveyed how we are different.  We encourage you to contact us and schedule a personal tour to see for yourself.

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